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Alessia Adragna

Alessia Adragna è una studentessa della 3aF che ha partecipato a "Galilei on the Move", il progetto di alternanza scuola-lavoro all'estero finanziato con i fondi europei del Pon 2014-2020. Questo è il racconto della sua esperienza a Chester.


During our experience in Chester I worked in a hotel for over two weeks. Its name is Holiday Inn Express and it is just outside the city center. It is very near to the racecourse and when there are races in Chester it gets very busy.

I had different tasks: during the morning I helped in the kitchen, cleaning and drying the dishes. Breakfast lasted until 10:00 so after that I usually went to the front desk. There I did the “database”: I had to copy all the details and the information about the guests who were staying at the hotel on the computer. It took me about two hours to do it. In the afternoon I helped to check-in guests or I bagged money from the tills. This experience surely helped me with my communication skills. Even though I didn’t have to talk a lot to the guests, my colleagues were all friendly and nice, so I had the opportunity to talk to them. This helped me to acquire more self-confidence and to improve my English.


As far as tourism is concerned, I learnt a lot about the city of Chester and its cultural heritage. It was a Roman city and it attracts a lot of tourists because it is one of the best preserved walled cities in England. We learnt that English people are very good at promoting their local area and they exploit everything they have to attract more tourists.